From our stock we can supply our Cannonscrew. This is a flexible screwed fastener for a fast solution to connect your conveyor belt. The Cannonscrew is sold separately, but we also have the possibility to mount it in a selected belt. Available in various versions and qualities to make sure we always have the right fastener for your belt.

CannonScrew for profiled conveyor belts

The CannonScrew is also available for chevron belts. Designed in a V shape to fit perfectly between the chevrons. This way the fastener will not affect the running of the belt on the return path. For every different profile there is a CannonScrew available with the right angle! On stock for every profile and beltwidth!


Unlike other solutions to connect your Conveyorbelt, which can be time consuming, the CannonScrew is mounted on an existing belt in mere moments. This makes it an ideal solution for installation on site. The simple installation will drastically reduce downtime. Within moments you will be up and running.